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Case Studies

Take a moment to review our case studies and reach out through our contact page... we'll provide you with a strategy to make your business successful in today's online economy. Contact us for details.

I'd like to share these and our other Digital Marketing strategies for business growth with you...

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Mercedes Dealership.jpg


The Background: An automotive client has been selling luxury vehicles in their market for over 50 years, and their reputation for superior customer service is well known. As a long-standing customer, they have run many successful campaigns, and know how to best leverage our technology.



The Background: The client, a credit union based in Virginia, is a favorite amongst customers. With standout customer service and a comprehensive business offering, retaining clients is simple once they’re established.

Furniture Retailer.jpg


The Background: A national furniture retailer was looking to gain new customers across several retail stores in the Northeast region of the United States. In an industry with a high profit margin, each one of these customers matters.

University Recruitment.jpg


The Background: The university wanted to work with to get new students through their doors. This university client had used targeting technology before, now they wanted to see how well it would work for them to make use of our other ad tech products.

medicare insurance.jpg


The Background: A national provider of Medicare plans wanted to increase the number of enrollments in a regional market of the Southern United States. Given the nature of the industry, the key market is a segment of consumers who are 64 and 9 months old. 

College Football.jpg


The Background: A major University wanted to gain more season ticket holders for their university’s sporting events. They were able to supply data on people who had purchased season tickets in the past, as well as people who had either donated to the university or had previously purchased tickets to the university’s sporting events.



The Background: The Background: One sector that has experienced tremendous success with our technology is the non-profit industry. By putting organizations in front of potential donors online, non-profits have consistently had impressive results. 



The Background: The Background: A pest control service company in Florida was looking to gain new customers in one of their local markets. The Florida climate lends itself well to pest control businesses, and companies can be busy year-round.



The Background: Our client was a full-service heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing repair and retail organization with multiple locations throughout the southeast United States. The company had hundreds of appointment slots available within their last quarter. Like most in the industry, they relied on traditional means of marketing to reach new and existing customers. 

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