Automated COVID19 Contact Tracing

Protect Schools, Businesses, and Governments

Automation of daily health self-checks plus campus or workplace contact tracing...Rapid implementation across the workforce or campus in days, not months
Get everyone back to their routine sooner and safer


Works on almost any smartphone, no added equipment to buy and maintain


Provides HIPAA, OSHA, and CDC compliant contact tracing


Simple user creation via integrations with ADP, SAP, PeopleSoft and others


No Bluetooth: Uses phone's GPS only while at work or campus

Location services only on at work or campus

Tracking of granular exposure allows administrators to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of potentially exposed members without shutting down an entire building, facility, or campus.


Full reporting allows employers to assess and reduce health risks in real-time, including Baseline Health, PPE Requests, Contact Tracing, Daily System Self Check, User App Compliance


Daily Passport feature allows administrators to see which members are cleared for work or activities

Comprehensive Data Compliance

Highest level of security and privacy while delivering HIPAA, OSHA and CDC compliant contact tracing

Get everyone back to their routine sooner and safer
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