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Engage Your Community Reinvestment Act Prospects and satisfy regulatory issues...

Community Reinvestment ActCOVERReach 2.0

One of the many challenges of the Community Reinvestment Act is staying in constant contact with this segment of your marketing. With constantly changing demographics and life experiences it's a group of important customers that's hard to reach and keep engaged in your efforts. 

We offer a targeted solution that will keep them engaged

What if you could target every low to moderate-income prospect in your market, provide them with timely educational content, and keep them engaged to respond when they needed you? It's a recipe for success with your borrowers and the regulatory agencies. Use your own email list or let us populate a list for you. Our solutions target every LMI borrower in your market with offline data. Our educational content keeps them engaged with the information they need and want. You'll not only see more responses from this group, but you'll also fulfill an important requirement of the Community Reinvestment Act.

We Understand CRA

With 25 years of experience in Community Reinvestment Act loans with banks like First Tennessee, 

Royal Bank of Canada, BB&T, and Suntrust (now Truist)...

we not only understand the Community Reinvestment Act, but we also know what motivates LMI borrowers to act. 

Increase your CRA engagement rates to over 30%

Our email open rates consistently run over 30%, the industry average. It's all about the content! We offer content that is timely and educational. It's what your LMI prospects want and will stay engaged with. Now your institution can be there when a prospect needs financial products. It's the perfect solution to the timing problem in Community Reinvestment Act marketing.

How our targeting works...

We identify the LMI borrowers by income level in your geographic market and target them with informative digital ads offering Community Reinvestment Act information that they need to make an informed decision. It's really digital direct mail. Responses are added to your database for follow-up through additional content via email. It is all completely turnkey that doesn't require attention from your staff.


We'd like to share our strategies...

Get your copy of Community Reinvestment Act Reach Today...




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