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Do You Have Clients That Invest in Real Estate?

We'll Put CASH in Your Pocket For Every Deal You Refer... and Make Your Client a Happier Landlord!

 Call or email Patrick Mccalla for details on our lucrative referral fee program and one-month free Management for your client!

  • Higher Rent

  • Less Headache

  • More Income



Full Real Estate Property Management Services for Owners

  • Rental Property Management

  • Residential Property Management

  • Commercial Property Management


Overseeing vacant unit preparation for occupancy

  • Market Vacancies

  • Fair Housing Screen and select tenants

  • Preparing lease documents

  • Rent Collection

  • Periodic inspections of the property

  • All property maintenance

  • Staff maintenance at an affordable cost

  • 24-hour emergency repair services

  • Preparing monthly income and expense reports

  • Annual reports including 1099 preparation

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