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A Look Inside the Technology That Drives Facebook

Facebook challenged convention by custom designing and building servers, software,power supplies and data centers in tandem for maximum efficiency.

The Prineville data center uses 38% less energy than previous Facebook server farms, costing 24% less to operate.

Portable diagnostics stations allow easy problem diagnosis throughout the facilities.

Technicians monitor systems and functionality.

Servers generate tons of heat. Here at their Lulea, Sweden, the cool dry climate allows the use of outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers on campus.

Facebook uses a penthouse cooling system which uses the upper floor of the building as a large cooling plenum for cooling and filtering air.

Facebook's 300,000 square foot facility in Forest City, NC.

Facebook designed it's entire physical infrastructure, from grid to gates, with a focus on squeezing out every possible efficiency.

Let us show you how to combine our platform's hyper-local strategy with you social media marketing. It like Facebook on steroids.

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