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"Making Rain"for Business

We have a combined 46 years of "making it rain" for some of the largest banks in the country. We've applied that sales process to digital marketing using the technology that has influenced the last three presidential elections. That technology is micro-targeting. Micro-targeting reaches people at a deeper level. Deeper customer connections result in stronger loyalty, which increases the chances of winning business through your paid advertising efforts.

  • Demographic/Psycographic targeting: Many businesses have data that tells them which demographics make up their core customers. Our platform, AbacusIP allows us to overlay personality traits, creating campaigns with messaging personalized to your audience. Social media provides a great opportunity to discover those personality traits through their surveys. This creates a hyper-targeted opportunity to reach your core, most profitable audience and speak to them in a way they understand that leads them to take action. We're also able to screen by credit availability on big ticket items.

  • Location: Geotargeting has been around a long time. However, the key to effective geotargeting is to mine location reports for purposes of targeting smaller sub-locations. For instance, let’s suppose a business is in Atlanta. Is it more effective for a campaign to have a geotarget containing all of Atlanta or one that targets just the geographic footprint of that business, where there’s a higher probability of that traffic leading to becoming paying customers? Micro-targeting allows you to do just that.

  • Interests: Are you trying to reach customers through their interests? For instance, if your business sells outdoor gear, are you targeting just general keywords like “outdoor gear,” or are you targeting people’s specific interests, like “fishing” or “water skiing?” Our platform is able to overlay internet activity of residents in your geographic footprint. Connecting advertising messages with people’s interests reaches them on an emotional level, which removes significant barriers to conversion.

  • Ad scheduling: Another way to think about ad scheduling is creating campaigns based on time of day. Going back to our previous example, let’s assume our business is a restaurant in Atlanta. Creating a campaign focused on timing, We are able to deliver a message to our previously captured neighborhood targets where they work at 4 pm, when they are deciding on where to dine that night. Ad scheduling can be used as a micro-targeting tool to bring in the right customer at the right time, as opposed to waiting for a prospect to search. Don't discount the importance of timing in the sales process, we're able to influence your prospect when they are in buying mode. Remember, once we target your geographic footprint, we capture the mobile ID and can target them, regardless of location.

  • We were founded with a focus on financial institutions, but we have developed strategies for all types of business' and demographics. Our ability to immerse any group with your message makes the all important Millennial generation much easier to reach. They consume more digital media than all other forms of media combined. We're even more cost effective than direct mail. We would love to talk to you about how we can help. Drop us an email and tell us about your business. We'll send you a custom analysis of the number of qualified prospects and the opportunity for your business on our platform.

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