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Reaching Your Customer Through Digital Exhaust...

I hear the joke; "I know half my marketing is working, I just don't know which half!" all the time. With the ever growing choices in channels it can be overwhelming. If you're product is financial, it can be more challenging. You're selling an intangible... safety, value, integrity, security, well-being. The list goes on, but one thing they all have in common is they're subjective terms. To convey those terms to a large group, you need a strategy that speaks to that group.

Many of the channels that worked in the past have become less effective, but today's digital landscape offers a lot of solutions. Think of the data trail you leave behind every day, think of it as digital exhaust if you will. Digital exhaust tells you everything you need to reach your customer, and you've captured it right there in your CRM system. (Don't worry, we work under a NDA, and the finished product is privacy compliant)

There's a reason that all of your current customers do business with you. It may not be readily apparent, but they all have something in common. In today's digital world you can unlock that secret and tap that revenue potential. Today we have the ability to analize your current customer base and indentify the group within your geo footprint that is your most profitable customer, giving you a group that is highly likely to respond to your message. (I can hear the wheels turning) You know how many wasted ad dollars this will save you. But the digital exhaust trail doesn't stop there. We can segment this group one more step, with psychographic profiling used in the last Presidential election, giving you the ability to craft your perfect message. You can speak to each individual in a way that they will respond to, Worried about ad blockers or web-bot fraud? We don't use cookies so ad blockers won't stop that perfect message and web-bots can't find it. It's new, exciting, and the strongest digital strategy devised to date. I strongly encourage you to hit the solutions button to learn more. You can bet your competitors will!

Learn how to use the Techology that influenced the last two Presidential Elections in your Digital Marketing. Take a look at out Strategy Tool Kit.

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