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Customer Profiling: A time-tested recipe Brands that excel at customer experience have one thing in common. They understand how to leverage their customer data to exceed expectations and stand out among the competition. We'll give you the ingredients you need to build better customer profiles and segmentation strategies.

Step 1. Prepare a base using ingredients from your cabinet of consumer data Valid postal address Valid email address Valid phone number Does each customer have the following? By cleansing your data, and appending missing data where applicable, you can build a more complete profile of your customers. Like flour and water, these ingredients are the foundation to any customer profile.

Step 2. Now that you have your base ingredients (address, email, and phone), it's time to spice up your recipe. Data enrichment enables you to append hundreds of consumer attributes to your existing records. With insight into your customers' demographics, household make-up, and financials, you can better target their needs and offer more personalized services. With your newly appended and enriched data, you now have a more complete view of your customers. By building audience segments based on this holistic view, you can build better brand affinity and loyalty with your customers. To continue pleasing your customers, make sure your data stays fresh by implementing real-time tools to cleanse and append contact data on the fly. We have the tools and expertise to help you make the most of every customer interaction. Add a pinch of flavor to your base with additional data

Step 3. Plate and serve. Remember to always keep the data fresh Let's talk!

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