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Rocket Mortgage and Tracy Morgan just won the title of ‘Most Hilarious Super Bowl LV Commercial’

Rocket Mortgage just won the title of ‘Most Hilarious Super Bowl LV Commercial,’ thanks to Tracy Morgan, a suburban family looking to buy a home, and Dave Bautista!

A year after Rocket Mortgage got Jason Momoa to take it all off – including his muscles and hair – America’s largest mortgage lender announced its return to the Super Bowl with a pair of teasers featuring Tracy Morgan. But he wasn’t the only big name in this year’s spot. A father of a family looking to buy a home said he was “pretty sure” that they could afford it. In comes Tracy to show the difference between being “pretty sure” and certain. These adventures – from skydiving to jumping a bridge, to messing with a hive or murder hornets – take the family to a cinema, where Tracy says, “I’m pretty sure you can take [Dave] Bautista.” The Guardians of the Galaxy star, hearing a challenge, suddenly goes mano y mano in a Fight Club. After this, the family realizes that “certain is better.”

The teasers showed why it’s important to cast Tracy in everything: he’s hilarious! “Join me Sunday for my Super Bowl commercial with Rocket Mortgage,” Tracy said in the first teaser while standing in his living room. He seemed ready to catch a football with arms raised, which was tossed into the nearby armchair. Additional throws failed to hit the mark. “Higher,” said Tracy. “Grandma, please put your glasses on.” Apparently, Grandma’s packing heat because her last throw connected – with the living room window. Thankfully, there was no major damage in the second teaser, which saw Tracy in an athletic hot/cold bath tub. “I got to treat my boy like a temple,” said Tracy. “A temple that’s right next to the deli that makes pastrami and rye.” O

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