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Take the static out of your political marketing. Our patented technologies have been used and trusted in over 5,000 political campaigns. By using voter files, we target real voters in real households. You can be assured that your political marketing is relevant and effective to the individual household. 


Political Campaign Effectiveness

We answer the three biggest challenges in political campaigns:

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Targeting Specific Registered Voters

STAND OUT: Target with Banner, Video or Television


Our data capabilities are unmatched in local politics. Know how clean your data is and use it well.

To win big, fresh data and proper use of it will get you there. Focus specifically on those voters who turn out often. Those are the ones who will get you to office. Make sure your message is in front of them both online and in person.

Introducing VoteDirector... our proprietary system that builds custom voter targets from voting files, allowing precise digital targeting of any group.

Shelby County August 4 Voter Matchback Analysis2.jpg
Shelby County August 4 Voter Matchback Analysis3.jpg

Political campaign results are measured only by votes.

The best way to lock up a vote is to deliver your message to a potential voter enough times, so they remember it when they hit the voting booth. We can ensure that your message is accurately reaching voters in a timely manner and with the right frequency.

Deliver your message with personalized impact to each group of voters on every digital device they own.

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By segmenting the voter file and targeting specific groups you will lift your vote!


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Memphis, TN 38104

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