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Demographic data analytics are the edge that business has been looking for. Digital marketing is one area where this adds the greatest value. That's not a big surprise, as marketing has always been reliant on customer data. The level of demographic data now available has reached a level never seen. Today, you can identify and segment your targets before they ever get online. Microtargeting is a form of demographic profiling that allows you to not only find your best prospects for delivery of your message, but accurately time the delivery of that message when they are most likely to act.

Let’s talk microtargeting first. Businesses have always segmented prospects and clients into demographic groups with basic information such as age, gender, race, education level, etc. With this information, you're able to target customer's with messages that resonate with them. Microtargeting supercharges this when used with digital marketing.

But even if a marketing message is perfect, if it reaches the prospect at the wrong time, it will still miss the mark. Demographic profiling of prospects can help marketers determine the best and most effective moment to reach out to them. Getting the timing of your message right leads to a more positive response from prospects. When combined with microtargeting, your digital marketing suddenly becomes more effective than before, driving revenue and the value of your business.

What's different about the way we do this today? It's the ways it's gathered! In the "analog" days you had to rely on customer surveys, studies, direct feedback, and other sources, today this data can be collected in real time using many different online sources. Online and mobile device activity are just two areas that can reveal a lot about your prospect. This allows you to craft and time the delivery of your message for greatest effectiveness and return on investment.

This combination results in a more personalized experience for your prospects. You're able to "speak" to your prospects directly in a way not available before. This will result in better stand alone campaigns and enhance other campaigns you are currently running. Hit the "learn more" link below for a short presentation on how our platform works. Let us show you how to use microtargeting and mobile to take your business to the next level.

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