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Facebook Rage, Twitter, Voodoo and 2020...

Have you ever thought about your relationship with social media? What's on the other side of that screen? The most powerful technology ever devised... it knows you better in some ways than you know yourself. With every like or share it builds a sort of high-tech Voodoo doll copy of you. Every time you interact, it adds more detail. Everything that affects you emotionally it recognizes and it knows how to exploit it. It also has billions of Voodoo dolls to compare you to, so it already knows how to push your buttons. It's not evil, it just wants your attention. It wants to keep you scrolling and engaged. It sells your attention to advertisers! We're over a decade into the social media experiment and we really don't know much about what it's doing to people. We've always had division but social media has amplified it. Take a few minutes to understand the "Race to the bottom of the Brainstem", how a handful of engineers guide the daily thoughts and emotions of billions of people.

Tristan Harris is an American ethicist, computer scientist, and businessperson. He is the president and a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology. Earlier, he worked as a design ethicist at Google. He received his degrees from Stanford, where he studied ethics of human persuasion.

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